Mayor's Office

My name is Rich Sykes, Mayor of Mountain Home, and my mission is to provide a clear vision, strong leadership and to bring youthful energy to the City of Mountain Home. We must be fiscally accountable and maximize transparency to protect our citizens, promote economic growth and enhance quality of life. We will work together as a team to provide quality services and enhance responsiveness for our citizens. One town, one team.

City of Mountain Home Mission Statement

To enrich the quality of life of our community through effective partnerships, while providing infrastructure, excellent service, and balanced growth which preserves, protects, and enhances our hometown character.

City of Mountain Home Vision Statement

To be a self-sustaining, uniquely diverse environment with a vibrant hometown feel, providing opportunities for future generations to thrive. To inspire modern innovation, promote a prosperous economy, and foster a sense of community and family while encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle that provides its citizens with every opportunity for success.

City of Mountain Home Mayor's Office 208-587-2104 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Email Us