Mountain Home Library

The Mountain Home Library was first established in 1903 as a public reading room. In 1908 the Andrew Carnegie Foundation provided funds to build the first permanent library facility. As the community and library mission continued to grow so did the building footprint and in 2006 the newest library was constructed. The Mountain Home Public Library continues to expand its collection of general interest items, provides access to technology and acts as a gathering place for educational and social events throughout the year.

Mission Statement

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The mission of the Mountain Home Public Library is to strengthen the community, enrich lives, and be connected.

Vision Statement

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It is the vision of the Mountain Home Public Library to Strengthen, Expand and Provide:

  • Strengthen the community’s wellness
  • Expand the knowledge and learning opportunities of all residents
  • Provide access to Library resources and services



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  • Provide easy access to all library resources
  • Make resources visible to all library patrons
  • Provide an inviting and comfortable space
  • Employ a professional and customer-oriented staff
  • Protect the privacy of everyone who uses the library


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