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Senior Citizen Center

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The mission of the Mountain Home Senior Center is to provide Mountain Home Seniors, and the entire community, opportunities to engage in recreational, social, educational, civic, governmental, cultural, service, & health related activities in a welcoming, efficient, comfortable, available facility. We continue to provide and expand our Meals on Wheels program and congregate for meals at the center.


For more information about the meals on wheels program, Click Here.

For more information about resources or organizations that provide senior living assistance, Click Here.

Medicare Advantage Plans Resource

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There are over 44 Medicare Advantage Plans available in Idaho, and sorting through all of them can be confusing and time-consuming.

Medicare Advantage Plans is a trusted healthcare information source for aging adults and their loved ones because everyone deserves high-quality, affordable healthcare coverage. It is an informational resource that is specifically designed to help people navigate the complex maze that is Medicare and understand how to enroll as well as the differences among the myriad of plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Idaho helps guide seniors through all of the available Medicare plans, eligibility requirements, enrollment guidelines and their many benefits. Most importantly, they provide a list of helpful community organizations throughout Idaho that further support seniors with their healthcare needs. 

For assistance with Medicare and finding additional support with through this program, please visit: