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City of Mountain Home Schools

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Mountain Home School District 193

The Mountain Home School District, SD 193, has 194 certified staff; over fifty-eight percent of which possess advanced degrees. The district is at a 1:1 ratio for student Chromebook implementation K-8 and continues to drive towards increased technology in the classroom for all grade levels. The school district offers a wide variety of programs for all ages including a Gifted and Talented Program, AVID: Advanced Via Individual Determination Programs, Advanced Placement and a multitude of Dual Credit offerings to allow for a head start to college. Dual Credit programs include: Health Occupations, Medical Technology, DC Government, DC German III, DC German IV, Job Shadowing, DC US History, DC Sociology, DC English, DC Physics, Chemistry, Keyboarding, DC Debate, DC Competitive Speech, Drawing, Accounting 1 and Computer Applications. The Mountain Home School District offers 13 varsity sports teams as well as extracurricular activities which include drama, band, student council, and many more. There really is something for everyone. We have active and engaged parent groups and many school open houses, carnivals and other events to invite families into the schools and encourage family involvement. The Mountain Home School District is the recipient of the 2015, 2016, and 2017 DoDEA grant for Math, PBIS and Computer Science Projects. Visit Us

Upcoming School Levy

The Mountain Home School district is putting a 2.7 million dollar per year supplemental levy on the March 8thth ballot.  The levy amount is a renewal of the current supplemental levy that has previously been approved by patrons.  The Mountain Home School District Supplemental Levy has been approved by the patrons of the Mountain Home School District since 2010.  The supplemental levy represents approximately 11% of the district’s budget and is used for maintenance and operations of the district.  The levy pays for a portion of all general fund expenditures.  These expenditures include staffing, salary and benefits, school programming, curriculum, transportation, technology, activities, facilities upkeep, special education services, and more. 

Please click on the link below to view the supplemental levy web page. There is a frequently asked question tab that provides answers to common question.



Richard McKenna Charter Schools

Richard McKenna Charter Schools are free public schools of choice offering K-12 education. Montessori education for full day Kindergarten through 6th grade. Accredited Project Based Learning for grades 7-12. Student selection is through the Lottery Process. 

Online High School with 6 week courses beginning every Monday.  The Mission of Richard McKenna Charter Schools is to provide a non-traditional educational environment for our students by emphasizing:

1. Project Based Learning.

2. Personal Responsibility.

3. Outstanding Citizenship. 

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