Legacy Park

Legacy Park is one of Mtn. Home’s finest features! What was once an old gravel pit has been transformed and reconstructed into an exquisite 40-acre park to be enjoyed by all. One thing that makes this Park so special is the fact that is has partially been created through donations. Legacy Park is a great location to hold a wedding, a family BBQ or any other gathering.

Are you concerned about the Muscovy Duck at Legacy Park? Click here to find out more about him.

Park Amenities

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  • Two gazebo areas
  • Softball Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Soccer Fields
  • Fishing Pond
  • Small playground equipment
  • Porta-Potties
  • Multiple active & passive open areas
  • BBQ Grill (Lower Gazebo)
  • Electrical boxes (Lower Gazebo)
  • Wedding Chapel