Local Man Awarded by MHPD for Outstanding Service

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho – An off-duty cook from a local retirement home was recognized during the July 13 City Council Meeting by the Mountain Home Police Department for going above and beyond to help one of the home’s residents. Bryce Villalobos of Mountain Home joined the search for a dementia patient who went missing from the home June 20. Though it was Villalobos’ day off, he joined the search for the man, found him, and convinced the resident to return to the home.

According to the award request submitted by MHPD Patrol Officer Tom Hansen, who met Villalobos that day, Villalobos’ friendship and great rapport with the resident helped to resolve the issue.  “Mr. Villalobos sat with [name redacted], and through compassion and understanding, was able to convince [name redacted] to go back with him. I heard Mr. Villalobos tell [name redacted] that he would give him a ride back, make him some food, and they could hang out and talk for awhile.”

Officer Hansen and MHPD Chief Scott Conner presented Villalobos with a plaque commemorating his outstanding service and an MHPD commemorative coin.